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Bill Kaminski VCFA MIAD
Post-Process: Bill Kaminski

A close look at the typographic experimentation of VCFA graduate and Milwaukee Institue of Design and Art design educator Bill Kaminski.

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Kate Gray interviewed at Graphic Design Women!

An intimate interview with VCFA alumna and power-maker Kate Gray

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Process: Jason Alejandro

VCFA MFA in Graphic Design student Jason Alejandro shares some his solo and collaborative process work with the world!

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Ian Lynam interviewed

Ian Lynam on urbanism, pragmatist-influenced process-based design teaching, and doing things wrong.

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Laura Rossi Garcia's Irene Typeface
Process: Laura Rossi Garcia

A look at VCFA student Laura Rossi Garcia’s type design and research.

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Huh? #20: An interview with Nikki Juen

Nikki Juen is a designer, educator and artist interested in the spaces where these practices overlap. Juen is a founding and core faculty member of the MFA in Graphic Design program at Vermont College of Fine Arts. VCFA compañero Ian Lynam sits down with the inestimable Ms. Juen for a chat about design, art, teaching, life, and green liquids!

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Process: Addison Landers

VCFA student Addison Landers leaves the computer behind in a thorough exploration of what can be done with his hand.

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Huh? #19: an interview with Lars Harmsen

An interview with Lars Harmsen of the amazing German publishing initiatives 100for10 and Slanted!

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Huh? #18: An interview with The Happening

The Happening is a small-scale Los Angeles-based print and digital media design studio that offers creative design and branding solutions run by husband and wife Masato Nakada and Karen To Nakada. VCFA’s Ian Lynam gets down with Masato and Karen to find out what makes them tick, as well as make such beautiful work!

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VCFA increases scholarship funding by $80K and adds 3 Year Track to MFA in Graphic Design Program

In response to the success of the MFA in Graphic Design Program, Academic Dean Matthew Monk announced today the launch of a new, 3-year MFA track as well as an additional $80k in available scholarship funds for the next incoming class beginning this fall. The MFA in Graphic Design was named one of the top 11 MFA in Graphic Design programs in the country in 2014 by Print Magazine.  

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Huh? #17: An interview with Gail Swanlund

An interview with our latest invited guest critic for VCFA’s October residency in the MFA Graphic Design program: the amazing Gail Swanlund! Gail is one of America’s absolute best design educators, designers and writers. We pick her brain about inspiration, ghosts and heroes within…

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Farah Rizvi Doyle - Process
Process: Farah Rizvi Doyle

A look at the work of VCFA alum Farah Rizvi Doyle, reflecting on her Pakistani heritage, her family history and her experience living in Canada and the United States since the age of thirteen.

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Huh? #16: A micro-interview with Francisco Laranjo of Modes of Criticism

An interview with the editor of graphic design criticism publication Modes of Criticism, Francisco Laranjo.

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1 Million British Children to Receive TWSU’s Micro-Bit!

This year, every 11-year-old child in the UK will be given a programmable pocket-sized device designed by VCFA faculty member Bethany Koby’s company Technology Will Save Us to help them express their creativity through technology.

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VCFA faculty Tasheka Arceneaux-Sutton on her latest exhibition Leftovers.

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