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Design Fiction as a Method for Engaging with Radical Technologies

March 5, 2019

VCFA alumna Heather Snyder-Quinn has been invited to be a guest speaker at Franklin Pierce University in New Hampshire. Her talk is called “Design Fiction as a Method for Engaging with Radical Technologies” and will be held on April 5th from 10am to 11am at the Marlin Fitzwater Center Studio.

Talk description:
Design Fiction is a method often used to speculate futures and/or to build disruptive visions of society. According to The Near Future Laboratory: “Design Fiction doesn’t so much ‘predict’ the future. It is a way to consider the future differently; a way to tell stories about alternatives and unexpected trajectories.” In many ways, design fiction could be loosely related to many of our natural skills as designers—creating concepts, prototypes and play—trying out scenarios before the stakes are too high. In this talk, the author will showcase her project Transparency: Past, Present, Future—a body of work consisting of a publication that utilizes augmented reality, an experimental film using Google Earth and Alexa, and an exhibit of future speculated objects that exist in augmented reality.

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