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HUH? #5: A micro-interview with E*Rock!

An interview with Portland musician, artist, disk jockey, and digital hustler Eric W. Mast, a.k.a. E*Rock!

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New book from HAMMER!

A new book from our next visiting designers, Hammer!

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Julia Kahl Slanted Huh interview VCFA
Huh? #4: A micro-interview with Julia Kahl of Slanted

Within, we get the rundown from Julia Kahl, co-owner of Slanted about her take on graphic design publishing, type design, and the state of content today!

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Natalia Ilyin on Home
Where’s Home?

An essay by VCFA Faculty member Natalia Ilyin on the concept of “home”.

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Huh: An interview with Lullatone
Huh? #3: A micro-interview with Lullatone

A chat with the band Lullatone about music, design, and how the two intersect in their vibrant, Nagoya, Japan-based practice.

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Julie Sittler in Slanted #25
Julie Sittler in Slanted #25

VCFA MFA in Graphic Design alumna Julie Sittler has a new essay in Slanted #25. This issue of Slanted is based on the theme of “Paris”.

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Weny Powell 's thesis exhibition
VCFA alum Wendy Powell featured on Crane Paper website

Wendy Powell is featured over at the Crane & Co. website. Read all about it!

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Huh 2: HAMMER!
Huh? #2: A micro-interview with HAMMER

VCFA Chair Ian Lynam chops it up with Sereina Rothenberger and David Schatz of HAMMER, an amazing design studio based in Zurich, Switzerland. We are proud to announce that HAMMER will be joining our October residency (October 11–17) as guests, giving a public lecture, leading a workshop, and participating as invited critics. In the second of this series of micro-interviews with important figures in visual culture, we find out the things that matter!

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Pressing On!

VCFA student Erin Beckloff is in the final stages of her Kickstarter campaign for her documentary film Pressing On — a documentary about the survival of letterpress and the remarkable printers who preserve the history and knowledge of the craft.

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Huh 1 - Thomas Knoll of Photoshop and Ian Lynam in conversation
Huh? #1: A micro-interview with Thomas Knoll

VCFA Chair Ian Lynam had the opportunity to rap with Thomas Knoll, the creator of Adobe Photoshop this week in Tokyo. In the first of this series of micro-interviews with important figures in visual culture, we find out some important stuff!

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Process: Yael Campbell

4th semester and rising graduate class member Yael Campbell has spent the majority of the past two years at VCFA Exploring visual languages, meaning, and spatiality. A native of Israel living in Florida and teaching in the lauded graphic design program at Ringling College, Yael has been exploiting the visual and conceptual themes that underlie the difference in Latin and Hebrew letterforms.

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Ian Lynam on graphic designer Barney Bubbles
Barney Bubbles!

A new essay and lecture about the work of late British graphic designer Barney Bubbles.

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Thought Experiments in Graphic Design Education
Silas Munro in Thought Experiments in Graphic Design Education

VCFA Faculty Silas Munro has work in the book Thought Experiments in Graphic Design Education.

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Draw Down workshop at VCFA
Draw Down workshop

On April 16 through April 18, 2015, Christopher and Kathleen Sleboda of Draw Down Books led a workshop for VCFA’s Semester 2 students called “Spontaneous Form—Gesture Made Visual”.

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VCFA meetup at TYPO SF

Join VCFA Co-chair Silas Munro, Director of Recruitment Ann Cardinal, Visual Arts Faculty Sabrina Fadial, and super-student Mike Scaringe at TYPO SF: Focus—the San Francisco edition of the series of amazing global typography conferences in 2015!

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