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May 19, 2017

A handful of VCFA folks will be presenting at the 12th annual UCDA Design Education Summit: Hand & Machine. This national summit for design educators, chairs, and students, continues an ongoing community created specifically for graphic design educators with many opportunities for professional participation and development.

Hand and Machine will focus on the return to traditional techniques in design education and its contrast with digital design. The conference spans traditional “hand-made” techniques to cutting-edge interactive and experiential design.

Programming featuring VCFA students and alumni:

The Space that Lies Between (Presentation)
Luke Dorman, Santa Fe University of Art and Design; and Heather Snyder Quinn, DePaul University, Chicago

PanelUnconventional Conventional: Letterpress Printing in Design Education 
Chair: Erin Beckloff, Miami University
Panelists: Dan Elliott, East Carolina University; Troy Patterson, York College of Pennsylvania; Vida Sacic, Northeastern Illinois University and David Wolske, Indiana University Bloomington

From Painting with Twigs to Parallax Scrolling: Translating Print to Code in a Cross-Course-Collaboration
Ann Lemon and
Dannell MacIlwraith, Kutztown University

 Avoiding “Sameness” in Web Design
Dannell MacIlwraith, Kutztown University