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Summer 2024 Faculty Microlectures! July 19th 7:00 MT

July 6, 2024

During our summer residency the MFA in Graphic Design faculty will give short lectures on their areas of research. Join us for these enlightening talks about design, culture, and creativity on Friday, July 19 at 7pm MST. Link to register for the lecture:

⇒ Dave Peacock
“The Heinz Ketchup Story”
A young Henry J. Heinz got his entrepreneurial start in the 1850s selling produce from his mother’s garden in Sharpsburg, Pennsylvania. He would go on to found a company that would transform manufacturing, food processing, packaging, and food safety. This presentation will highlight the founding and growth of the H. J. Heinz Company and its signature product, Heinz Ketchup. I will cover a number of design and marketing developments, including the introduction of the iconic octagonal glass bottle, the keystone label design, and the creation of the memorable yet oddly inaccurate ‘57 Varieties’ slogan. I will also feature the company’s many notable creative partners over the years, such as Leo Burnett Worldwide, the agency behind the heralded “The Best Things Come to Those Who Wait” campaign in the 1980s.
⇒ Ziddi Msangi
“The creation of a Global Tanzanian Artist: new insights into the development of K.F. Msangi”
This mini lecture is a generational dialogue that gives insight into the creative work of Kiure Francis Msangi (1937-2003). K.F. Msangi was a painter, printmaker, graphic designer, illustrator and art educator. By drawing from oral histories and surveying the visual archive of paintings, prints and writing, an understanding of K.F. Msangi’s journey as an artist emerges. This research is an opportunity to contribute to the conversation about the history of modern art in Tanzania. It is the basis for a self-directed book project.
⇒ Lorena Howard-Sheridan
“Elephants in the classroom: the elusive practice of teaching design”
This mini-lecture will examine the intersection between the practice of design, and the practice of teaching design. We will talk about some challenges and opportunities facing our profession, and how they affect student expectations. We will consider how assignment frameworks can facilitate exploration while helping model ways of thinking about our discipline. At its best, this talk should help us think hard about what we do in the classroom; at its minimum, it will present a few ideas to test in class (or for your inspiration.).