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Introducing: The Summer 2023 thesis website “RE”

July 11, 2023

Re: Reflecting on the cyclical nature of design, history, and experiences, we found that they are not singular or linear—they are relational and ever-evolving. The prefix “re” emphasizes the importance of learning from our pasts and using that knowledge to promote effective change within the work we do for others and ourselves. Check out our grads website.


  1. Cory Dinsmore: Creating Brain Space: A Field Guide For Designers
  2. Rick Heffner: CRUIS’N: Uncovering Gay Design History Through Collecting
  3. Ray Masaki: In the middle of a crosswalk, I expanded a balloon
  4. Ana Melendez: Nuyorican Thoughts | Transnationalism in Puerto Rican Graphic Design
  5. Zach Leader: Impermanence | Exploration: A Design Methodology that Embraces Change Through Discovery and Experimentation
  6. Kyla Paolucci: Table Talk: Designing for a Tastier Future
  7. Jessica Robles: HOW TO lettering my single mothering
  8. Annette von Brandis: Bridging the Divide: Fostering inclusion and belonging in the creative classroom and beyond

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