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Typographics 2023

June 11, 2023

Typographics 2023
June 12-22 at The Cooper Union, NYC
VCFA’s MFA in Graphic Design will be well represented at this year’s Typographics Conference.
Kyla Paolucci ’23 will be presenting part of her thesis work in person at Type Lab on Thursday, June 15 at 2:00 pm EST. Her presentation will center on the typeface she designed based on her grandfather’s tape lettering and sign-making practice. Silas Munro, Faculty Co-Chair, will also be in attending the conference in support of Kyla.


“Nontraditional influences can be just powerful in shaping design as conventional methods. In my typeface project “Federico,” which is named and modeled after my grandfather’s practice of sign-making, I explore ideological expression while questioning contemporary trends and the underlying hegemony that constrains our making. Through the crude and scrappy act of sharing his ideals with electrical tape and plywood, I’ve built a playful typeface that relies on humble materials and a relational history of manifesting abundance from poverty as a form of portraiture.”