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Global Studio Sessions: S.W.A.N.A. Region

March 21, 2022

Global Studio Sessions: The Middle East
Guest Designers: Munirah AlShami, Maya Moumne, and Bahia Shebab

MONDAY, April 4th | 11am EST

The MFA in Graphic Design program’s fourth Global Studio Sessions features presentations by visiting designers from the Middle East. This event is open to VCFA faculty, staff, students, and alumnx. Please get in touch should you want to join.


THE BILINGUAL IDENTITY: A dive into what it means to be an artist and designer in the Middle East. 

Munirah AlShami is a creative director, design consultant, and multimedia artist who graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Multimedia Design from the American University of Sharjah. She’s worked with both large and small scale organizations and brands in developing their visual personality. Her experience and expertise mainly lie within the realm of raw material art, typography, and mixed media. Her work aims to bridge the gap between traditional creative methods and new age technology. She’s worked on many projects within the realm of time-based media like short-form social media content, entertainment shows, and creative direction for sporting events. She’s delved into several projects that dealt with bilingual visual identities and continues to create more experimental outcomes within the marketing, art, and design industry. 


Notions of Communication Across Cultural and Linguistic Barriers

Maya Moumne is a graphic designer by trade, based between Beirut and Montreal. She is the co-founder of Studio Safar, Journal Safar, and Al Hayya Magazine, of which she is also the editor-in-chief. She once read that Homo sapiens is the only species in all of nature that responds with hate to homosexuality. 


Decolonizing Narratives

Bahia Shehab is an artist and author based in Cairo. She is Professor of design and founder of the graphic design program at The American University in Cairo. Her work has been exhibited internationally and has received a number of international awards including the BBC’s 100 women’s list, a TED Senior Fellowship, a Prince Claus Award, and the UNESCO-Sharjah Prize for Arab Culture. Her latest publications include You Can Crush the Flowers: A Visual Memoir of the Egyptian Revolution, At the Corner of a Dream, and the award winning co-authored book A History of Arab Graphic Design.