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o t i t o | one thing into the other

June 30, 2020

Lost umbrellas, runaway balls, prompts that give pause – excavating the tenuous as we seek composure in an often absurd and challenging whole. A cup of tea or a rain shower pacifies what the umbrella cannot protect.

An installation and performance co-created by VCFA MFA in Graphic Design alumnx Sondra Graff and Petra van Noort, presented at MECA, The Institute of Contemporary Art at Maine College of Art on December 6, 2019.

The collaborative escapade was developed with the support of DesignInquiry and the 2018/19 participants. Our deepest gratitude to Margo Halverson, Emily Luce & Charles Melcher (of DesignInquiry), Nikki Rayburn & Julie Poitras Santos (of MECA) and Sarah Stackhouse (for her generosity in the use of her studio). An FIT grant provided additional support.