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Lorena Howard-Sheridan featured in Abierto Mexicano de Diseño

October 21, 2017

Every year, in October, there is a design festival in Mexico city, called “Abierto Mexicano de Diseño”.

This year it is happening from October 18 through the 22nd.

There are exhibits, lectures, visits, workshops, happenings and much more—the event has become the thing to do and be included in.


One of the activities this year is an exhibition of 300 books designed from 2000 to 2017. VCFA faculty member Lorena Howard-Sheridan has five of her publications featured in the exhibition. The books will become part of a collection of publishing design at the library/mediateca at Centro de Diseño, Cine y Televisión, the school where Lorena teaches in Mexico.

Modular Type Elements by Lorena Howard-Sheridan

Modular Type Elements by Lorena Howard-Sheridan

Read more about it here:

Self-published work by VCFA's Lorena Howard-Sheridan

Self-published work by VCFA’s Lorena Howard-Sheridan

The invitation to the event:

Congratulations, Lorena!!!