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VCFA’s Matthew Monk at Ideas of Revolt

August 30, 2017

VCFA Academic Dean and MFA in Graphic Design founder and faculty member Matthew Monk will be presenting at the conference “Ideas of Revolt: Stationing ideas of revolt within contemporary graphic design education“. The conference is sponsored by the Graphic Design Educators’ Network at Sheffield Institute of the Arts, Sheffield Hallam University, UK, September 7-8, 2017.

Matt’s presentation is titled “Rethinking Graphic Design Education at Vermont College of Fine Arts”. A brief summary of what he will be presenting:

In 2010 the experimental MFA in Graphic Design program launched at Vermont College of Fine Arts, with a radical curriculum questioning and eschewing assumptions about traditional design education. This accredited program employs a rigorous, student-centered, inquiry-based, low-residency learning methodology with no courses and no grades. Instead it uses a series of student-led semester study plans, one-on-one faculty advising, and insightful narrative assessment, customized by and for individual students, at roughly half the cost of conventional design education. Students and faculty from across the US and around the world come to campus in Vermont twice yearly for week-long residency intensives, and then return to their home studios, where students conduct the semester’s work pursuing their particular interests in design, supported by world-class advisors. Graduates have advanced to top positions in design education and practice. This paper presents the unique structure of this groundbreaking program along with numerous visuals of student work.

Go, Matt, go!!!