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Bethany Koby’s Technology Will Save Us launches Dough Universe Kickstarter

June 7, 2017

VCFA faculty member Bethany Koby’s company Technology Will Save Us has just launched a Kickstarter campaign for a new series of interactive project kits for children. From the campaign page:

“65% of kids in school today will have jobs that are yet to be invented. So how do parents and educators prepare kids for this future? This is what drives us everyday. The answer is a new kind of toy that combines classic play activities with technology to provide fun and education for our children.”

“At the heart of these products is our award-winning Electro Dough, a controller and a super-friendly app to take kids through Electro Dough adventures. Kids are introduced to Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics (STEAM) principles through one of the most fun, universal and satisfyingly squishy materials, electronic play dough. Yes, that’s right dough that conducts electricity!”

Check out Dough Universe here!