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Scholarships at VCFA for the MFA inGraphic Design!


January 18, 2017

So, you’ve been pondering this whole MFA thing and have been waiting for something big to pop up so that you’ll go for it, right?

We’d like to encourage you to apply to the VCFA MFA in Graphic Design Program before our Spring 2017 priority scholarship deadline! If you complete your application by February 13, 2017 and become accepted for the Spring 2017 semester, you’ll automatically receive a *20% discount* for your first semester of study and become eligible for the following Program Scholarships as well:

– Future of Design Award of Merit: $1000 scholarship, renewable each semester of study
– Form, Content and Craft Award: $2000 incoming semester award
– Promise Award: $1500 incoming semester award
– AIGA Award: $2000 incoming semester award

Please visit our website here to learn more:
VCFA MFA in Graphic Design Program