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VCFA Graphic Design Book Drive 2016

The VCFA Graphic Design Book Drive 2016!

December 8, 2016

That’s right, folks—the time has come: the first ever VCFA Graphic Design Book Drive!!! While we’ve got tons of stuff for an upstart, there are probably items that you wish the library had at some point… Now is your chance to help us expand the collection. We’ve put together a whopping pile of goodies for a few lucky folks.

Donate a book and you will be entered into a lottery for prizes, plus(!) your name in lights here on Perpetual Beta!

You can mail your book (or books) here:
VCFA MFA in Graphic Design
Book Drive, attn: Jennifer Skinder
36 College St.
Montpelier, VT 05602

Lost as to what to donate? Here are some potential titles (and don’t worry that someone else might donate one — these are books we could all use multiple copies of!):

  • Typographie by Ruder
  • Designing Type by Karen Cheng
  • Typography by Bill
  • Type & Typography by Baines & Haslam
  • Pretty Much Everything by Draplin
  • Function, Restraint & Subversion in Typography by Hardisty
  • Modern Typography by Kinross
  • Active Literature by Burke
  • Graphic Design Thinking by Lupton
  • Stop Stealing Sheep by Spiekermann
  • Typography by Kunz
  • In Progress by Hische
  • Min by Tolley
  • Multiple Signatures by Michael Rock
  • About Graphic Design by Richard Hollis
  • No More Rules by Poynor
  • American Modernism by Remington
  • Reasons to Be Cheerful by Gorman
  • It’s Not A Garden Table by Huber
  • Iaspis Forum on Design and Critical Practice: The Reader by Ericson
  • Forms of Inquiry by Owen & Kyes
  • Shaping Text by Middendorp
  • New Perspectives in Typography by Williams
  • Typography by Weingart
  • Grid Systems in Graphic Design by Müller-Brockmann
  • Detail in Typography by Hochuli
  • Designing Brand Identity by Wheeler
  • Graphic Design: The New Basics by Lupton
  • Any back issues of Emigre, Dot Dot Dot, U&lc, or Typografische
  • Monatsblätter

Prizes include:

  • sketchbooks from 10th & Grant
  • Scout Books
  • split fountain Parallel Strokes totebag
  • vintage House Industries stickers
  • vintage Migraine stickers
  • YACHT stickers
  • Marxy “40 Years From Now” CD
  • Blunt Mechanic self-titled CD
  • Kind of Like Spitting ultra-rare self-titled CD EP
  • Modern Typography by Robin Kinross
  • Caramelos, Un Sapo y Una Cometa/Candy, A Frog and A Comet by Lorena Howard-Sheridan
  • Sideways Glances by Lorena Howard-Sheridan
  • Parallel Strokes by Ian Lynam
  • Parting It Out by Ian Lynam
  • and more!!!

(Gifts courtesy of Lorena Howard-Sheridan/Salted Caramel Books, Laura Rossi-Garcia and Ian Lynam/Wordshape)

Please know that we are happy to take used books, as well—since we’ve started expanding the Design Collection in earnest, faculty members have been scouring used bookstores to fill in gaps in the collection.

To kick off the Book Drive, Wordshape has donated 300 new titles, a continued 5-year subscription to IDEA Magazine (there’s been a subscription going for 2 years now) and a 2-year subscription to Slanted Magazine.

Prizes will be announced the third week of December 2016! Be there or be rhombus!

Questions? Shoot an email to Ian Lynam at ian(dot)lynam(at-mark)vcfa(dot)edu