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Ian Lynam at KMU

MFA in Graphic Design Faculty Member, Ian Lynam, Visits South Korea

November 18, 2013

Tokyo-based designer and faculty member, Ian Lynam, just recently returned from a visit to South Korea, where he spread the word to students of design about the MFA in Graphic Design at VCFA at the 14th Chohyung Exhibition and Conference (제14회 국민대학교 조형전, 조형콘퍼런스 ‘IM’ 페이지입니다) in Seoul on November 8th and 9th

Other speakers included Mr. Keedy from CalArts, Chris Ro from Kookmin and Hongik Universities, and many other academics and designers across multiple media from the U.S., Japan, Korea, and elsewhere!

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제14회 국민대학교 조형전, 조형콘퍼런스 ‘IM’ 페이지입니다.
The 14th Chohyung Exhibition and Conference
전시 : 11월 8일~17일

The official description:
전시: 11월 8일~17일
콘퍼런스: 11월 8일~10일
국민대학교 조형대학

Exhibition: Friday, November 8th – Sunday November 17th
Conference: Friday, November 8th – Sunday November 10th
College of Design, Kookmin University

국민대학교 조형전, 조형콘퍼런스는 우리 시대의 디자인과 디자인 교육을 얘기하고자 합니다. 이성적이면서 직관적인, 전문적이지만 모두가 공유하는, 눈에 띄지 않지만 어디에나 존재하는 디자인을 끌어내어 얘기하고자 합니다. 문화와 산업에 긴밀하게 얽힌 사회활동으로서의 디자인은 어떤 개인이나 집단의 독단적인 생각으로 형성될 수 없습니다. 디자인에 대해 말하고자 한다면 먼저 주변과 동료를 진지하게 살피는 것이 우선입니다. 그래서 우리는 조형전, 조형콘퍼런스를 주목해야 합니다. 이곳에 모이는 국내외 디자이너, 교육자, 비평가, 학생은 서로를 바라보고 얘기함으로써 현재 디자인 사회의 모습을 나눌 것입니다. 한국 디자인 사회의 가장 생생한 현장을 목격하세요.

We are here to share ideas about design and design education of our time at the Chohyung Exhibition and Conference. We are to share a discourse about our area which is logical and intuitive, professional and public, transparent and omnipresent. Design as a social study and activity cannot be built by a dogmatic idea by individuals. To truly understand this area, we must look around our colleagues. Come and join this pleasant event in Kookmin University, Seoul. Witness the most vivid moment of our peer community.

From his studio based in Tokyo, Lynam focuses on pan-cultural identity design, multilingual web design & development, type design, interior design and editorial design. Read his full bio on the MFA in Graphic Design faculty page here. Watch the introductory video he made about his design philosophy (shot from a bike as he toured through Tokyo) for students entering into the MFA program.