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Silas Munro for The Gradient

Silas Munro’s Hang-Over

December 29, 2012

Silas Munro has written an excellent essay called Hang-Over: Art Basel Miami Banners are Cultural Bank Notes for The Gradient, the in-house blog of the Walker Art Centre about the influx of printed banners in the city of Miami for the wide array of art fairs that descend upon the city. Within, Munro critiques the assortment of banners and the design of each. He writes:

I am not a graphic design snob. I am a graphic design aficionado. I post this critique not to bash or rip, but to illuminate and to try to understand the rhizomatic connectedness of our current graphic design landscape. I am interested in celebrating our history, and our current moment in a very exciting time of exchange between commerce, art, and design.

I am interested in the discourse of taste, and tradition. But all this is lost without context. Meredith Davis clearly says it is the people, the places and systems along with the things themselves. To paraphrase another colleague, Nikki Juen isn’t design in general, and graphic design in particular about relationships?

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