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Huh? #15: an interview with YACHT

YACHT are a band as concerned with design and aesthetics as they are with music. YACHT’s Claire E. Evans and Jona Bechtolt talk with VCFA’s Ian Lynam about the past, the present, and most importantly, the future.

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Process: Christopher Previte

Some amazing process work by VCFA MFA candidate Christopher Previte, highlighting his micro-stories and accompanying illustration/sequential narrative work.

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Silas Munro on Revision Path

Silas Munro was interviewed on Revision Path, a weekly interview show that focuses on showcasing some of the best Black graphic designers, web designers, and web developers from all over the world.

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A field report from Aaron Wnters about he and Mike Scaringe’s experiences at OTIS College Of Art & Design DesignWeek 2015!

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Huh? #14: An interview with Manuel Krebs of NORM

VCFA Chair Ian Lynam chops it up, both literally and figuratively, with Manuel Krebs of the Swiss graphic design studio Norm.

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Kit of Parts by Ian Lynam
Kit of Parts

VCFA MFA in Graphic Design Chair Ian Lynam is about to have an exhibition titled Kit of Parts in Tokyo. The exhibition is also a launch for his new book, Parting It Out.

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Graphic Design Women
Process: Lisa Williams’ Graphic Design Women

A look at Lisa Williams’ new website Graphic Design Women and her recent interview with Nikki Juen.

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Huh? #13: A not-micro-interview with Aaron Winters

An interview with VCFA alumnus and practicing designer, writer and design educator Aaron Winters about school, after school, music and life. Includes intensely long reading list!

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Natalia Ilyin - On Shooting Butterflies
On Shooting Butterflies

VCFA faculty member Natalia Ilyin on life, death and living.

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Huh? #12: A micro-interview with Louise Sandhaus

An interview with Louise Sandhaus, designer, design educator and author of Earthquakes, Mudslides, Fires & Riots: California and Graphic Design, 1936-1986, one of the absolute best books about graphic design lately.

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Tasheka Arceneaux-Sutton's design for Krewe
Tasheka Arceneaux-Sutton on Krewe #3!

This past May, VCFA faculty member Tasheka Arceneaux-Sutton finished designing the third volume of Krewe magazine, which includes articles written by students from a journalism class at Tulane University and high school students from Sci High. All articles are about New Orleans, with a range of topics from female DJs, to gentrification, to kids maintaining a farm to the history of Voodoo. Krewe comes out at the end of every spring and fall semester.

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Huh? #11: A micro-interview with Jens Gehlhaar

The 11th installment of VFCA’s interview series with Creative Director, Film Director and Type Designer Jens Gehlhaar!

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Campbell McKeogh's Image-making
Process: Campbell McKeogh

A look at the messy, yet detailed process of VCFA MFA in Graphic Design student Campbell McKeogh’s imagemaking process!

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Ian Lynam Design for Adobe Typekit
Ian Lynam Design finishes new project for Adobe

Chair Ian Lynam’s multidisciplinary design studio has just launched a new project for Adobe’s Typekit webfont service.

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Randy Nakamura VCFA
Huh? #10: A micro-interview with Randy Nakamura

An interview with design critic and essayist Randy Nakamura about the state of graphic design today, design theory having hit a brick wall and, of course, feral cats.

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