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New faculty at VCFA!

August 27, 2016

We are extremely, incredibly, extraordinarily happy to announce the appointment of two new faculty members to the VCFA MFA Program in Graphic Design: Sereina Rothenberger and David Schatz of the Swiss design studio HAMMER!

One of the studio's bespoke typefaces, Hammer Bold.

One of the studio’s bespoke typefaces, Hammer Bold.

David and Sereina joined us as guest critics/designers way back in the year 2015 and absolutely took our breaths away with their positivity, intellect, and incredible work! They’ve been nominated for the Swiss Design Awards. They’ve been in gallery shows in Berlin, New York, Seoul, Shanghai and all over the world. They won the Most Beautiful Swiss Books Award. In short, they just don’t stop! We are so excited to have them with us at our upcoming residency (October 9—15).


Another of Hammer’s bespoke typefaces, Hammer Highlight.

We interviewed Sereina and David a while back — you can check it out here.

Hammer Time!

One of a larger series of event flyers designed by Hammer.

Stay posted for more exciting news coming soon — we’ll be announcing our guests for the upcoming residency shortly… And they are rippers, too!