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Laura Rossi Garcia = Dialectic Designer

July 29, 2016

Laura Rossi Garcia has been officially announced as the designer of Dialectic, the AIGA’s new journal. Recent VCFA guest critic/lecturer and member of AIGA’s Design Education Committee Kenneth FitzGerald just wrote a great post on the AIGA website about the project.

From the article:

Design academics are arguably the most daunting audience to design for: a group supremely versed in and opinionated about the discipline’s methodology and history. Professionals may seem a greater challenge but many of us have a background in practice and continue to be active in the field. Add on top the specific task: the inaugural issue of the DEC’s academic journal Dialectic (and its associated web version Dialogue).
For this task, the Dialectic editorial board has commissioned Laura Rossi Garcia, a recent graduate of the Graphic Design MFA program at Vermont College of Fine Arts. In its selection process, the Board sought to privilege and foster an up-and-coming designer that has already exhibited a particular interest and capacity in research and writing. Always of concern is a fluent formal sensibility for the “erudite” product that was sought.

Also from the article:

Given the “slightly terrifying” commission, she “began by researching dialectic theory.
“There are strong parallels between dialectic theory, education, and criticism. In essence, the most basic definition of dialectic theory (at least Hegel’s version) is that to every thesis there is an antithesis. The collision/contradiction of these two results in synthesis—which is in turn, a new thesis. It is the process for arriving at or discovering new truths. In terms of the design, I used my research as a point of departure and a way to define certain characteristics that I hope the final product embodies: the tradition of scholarship, the inquiring nature of the dialectic, and the multiplicity of design education.”

Read all about it here.

Tremendous congratulations to Laura and gigantic thanks to Kenneth! We cannot wait to see the debut issue!