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Ta Da! A Show of Graphic Design from VCFA

Ta Da! A Show of Graphic Design from VCFA

August 1, 2014

TaDa! A Video

In August of 2014, Leslie Tane produced the exhibition “TaDa” featuring the work of students and faculty from VCFA’s Graphic Design program at Eastworks in Easthampton, Massachusetts. Her statement about the show:

 Conceptual graphic designers from Vermont College of Fine Arts’ graduate program were invited to visualize “Ta Da!” as graphic design. The result is this exhibition, which uses varied media, sizes, dimensionality, and styles to communicate visually.

Does graphic design belong in a gallery? If work is in a gallery setting, is it still graphic design? What is the difference between graphic design and art? What can graphic design do that fine art can, or will, not?

The Masters of Graphic Design program at Vermont College of Fine Arts is less concerned with what graphic design should be and instead has embraced the idea of what graphic design could be. The students, faculty and alumni of the program have made a practice of using graphic design processes to produce what, at first glance, may not look like graphic design product.

VCFA designers who participated in the exhibition include:

  • Alex Moya
  • Bill Kaminski
  • Bonnie Tanaka
  • Brian Bednarski
  • Christine Valerio
  • Deb Kline
  • Diane Myers
  • Donald Suthard
  • Emily Claire Coats
  • Farah Rizvi
  • Gerrit M. Devries
  • Ian Lynam
  • Julie Sittler
  • Kerri Augenstein
  • Lisa Rasmussen
  • Loran Saito
  • Mary Hanrahan
  • Michelle Muhammad
  • Rachael Hatley
  • Silas Munro
  • Sondra Graff
  • Tasheka Arceneaux-sutton
  • Troy Patterson
  • Yoon Soo Lee
  • Ziddi Msangi

Read more about TaDa! here. And find out more about the amazing Leslie Tane, a prolific designer, curator, and writer, as well as one of our very first graduates here.